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NERO LARP - New England Role Playing Organization w/ 45 Chapters - Live Action Role Play Game - LARP

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We are the premier Live Action Role Playing organization in North America - Since 1989. In Live Action Role-playing, you become the character of your fantasies, and acting out the action, solve the mystery's and defeat adversaries with wit, intelligence, and/or sword & sorcery. At NERO events, you use skills that your character has earned, as well as the skills that you as the player bring to the game. Much like King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Renaissance Fairs except you're the HERO.

Our Mission

Preface: NERO®, is a live action role playing game based in a medieval fantasy genre. The NERO Game Systems© support player characters that advance in experience and ability based on event attendance and treasure acquired during game play.

Our Mission: We will entertain our players by providing a gaming atmosphere that is both challenging and fun, regardless of whether a person prefers adventure, combat, political, physical, role-playing, or mental challenges. We will offer our members well-balanced events that provide all of our players an equal opportunity to be both entertained and advance in the areas of their particular skills and interests.

NERO has 45+ NERO LARP Chapters in North America
Be the HERO, Be the Villain - Be All You Can't Be!

Organization News

On July 11, 2007, after losing a frivolous lawsuit against NERO International in October 2006, the nero larp group known as the 'nero alliance' announced that they would no longer be using the 'nero' name. For more info on 'nero alliance', see

Becoming a Member

You can join NERO LARP by going to the NERO Headquarters website, at, and clicking on the Buy A NERO Membership button. The cost is $45 for new players, and it includes a NERO(R) Rule Book(C) shipped to your door.

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Mailing Address:

NERO International
P.O. BOX 543
RYE NY 10580

Phone: (914) 309-7718